Long arm of the law

If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?

T. S. Eliot

Being a cross-dresser on the fetish scene for years was always a thrill and I had the courage to bear skin and basically wear as little as possible, whenever possible! Dressing as a woman in this way was easy, whether or not the garments fit was never really a concern. And there was never any problems rolling bits up or cutting things away to make myself look cool for the night.

Its easy to dress feminine on the fetish scene as usually less is more!
Its easy to dress feminine on the fetish scene as usually less is more!

Now that my transition is well under way in terms of appointments with specialists and mental health workers, I have a new challenge to work around. I have lots of fetish clothes and can mix and match many outfits for different styles and events. However, none of these clothes are going to be appropriate for everyday wear and with winter coming I have had to put together a new wardrobe, a woman’s wardrobe. This sounds simple enough, buy some coats, boots and jeans. Maybe some jumpers or cardigans. The issue I face is size. Now as a man I am skinny, have no muscle and very tall, over six foot in fact. The majority of women’s clothes are not designed for tall folk, and I have found myself trawling specialist internet sites for tall women. There is plenty of choice but other factors such as cost and arm length is really starting to bug me. I am not able to go to many shops as my long gangly arms prevent me from finding a decent fit.

Nothing worse than a new item of clothing not fitting correctly.
Nothing worse than a new item of clothing not fitting correctly.

This is not my only problem, my feet are also quite large, I have had problems obtaining men’s shoes in the past and sometimes have to buy what ever I can get. Again, there are plenty of websites catering for women with larger feet, but they are expensive unless you want to buy ‘tranny’ boots from eBay. I am not down about this, I knew before I started these problems would rear their ugly heads. I am prepared to spend the time and money to find myself, I want to be stylish and sassy and to achieve this I will need to sacrifice some creature comforts.

Wish my feet were small like this.
Wish my feet were small like this.

I have however found my own style rather than just buying lots of random items to see what works. I always had a vision in my head as to the style of clothes I wanted to wear. I love skater dresses with pretty patterns and I have been lucky to find a pair of skinny jeans that fit my long legs. Fashion was never very important to me as a man, but it has become an obsession since getting out and about as a woman. Constantly looking at other girls on the train and down the street to see what they are wearing, to gain tips and ideas about anything new I can try. I am now focused on how I want to portray myself as a woman and feel that a classy style will match my personality and demeanour. Cannot wait for the January sales to splurge on clothes and footwear, I think going forward clothes will take up a lot of my time. And I am really looking forward to it!



  1. Hi Dexx! Sorry I’ve been away for so long, but I’m back online now, and enjoying your blog.
    Clothes… isn’t it funny how much more important clothes become once you’ve allowed yourself to be your true self? As a woman, I never cared much about my clothes. They just needed to be feminine and oversized, so as not to reveal my female features. Now that I’m presenting as the man I really am, clothes are more important than ever, and gosh, it can be a pain to find just the right fit – but it’s so worth it!


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