Today is oestrogen day

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.”


I have been trying to gauge exactly where I am in my life, certainly at a milestone, certainly new experiences await. But how do I feel I am evolving now I have entered the big scary world of HRT!

Before being prescribed the medicine I was very confident that reaching the medical side of transition would give me a feeling of ‘making it’ or perhaps a sense of an ‘official transition-er’. It is a big thing and I am certainly taking it seriously. I had my last cigarette last night and know in my mind I am free from them. All it took was a reason, which I now have. Diet has been slowly improving in preparation for this moment and everything is sorted at work so Faith can finally thrive without restrictions.

Maybe, as with all my transition so far, I am planning for the worst and hoping for the best. I have had many people, including my doctor, telling me that HRT will be very successful for me and that I will get great results. Maybe its just folk being kind, to give some confidence, add a little boost, but I am hoping for good results. I always said that if I do not have a chance of looking good then I would not bother transitioning and stick with cross-dressing. But I know it in my own mind that going all the way should be good for me. I do not care about passing, I just want to look good. There is a difference.

I was not planning to make this a long post, just an update of sorts to my last post. I recommend ready Amy’s experience with HRT thus far as she has gone into detail about the effects and emotional roller coaster.

So today I am decreeing this day, 19th September 2015, as FAITH


  1. Hej Dexxy:

    Welcome to the second puberty! Thing will start “stirring” within you. I am so glad I had the support of the oblates and sisters supporting me at St. Placid Priory in Lacey, WA. I hope your support community stays with you as you go through “changes” in this fantastic time in your life.

    Kram från din vän transsexuella,😭😌😭😌😭😌 Bobbie

    Roberta A Westerberg* Skickat från min svenska IPad.🇸🇪

    > 19 sep 2015 kl. 15:33 skrev You’ve got to have Faith : > > >

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