And the tide turns again

But I think that your entire life is a process of sorting out some of those early messages that you got.

Bruce Springsteen

502460-bruce-springsteen-617-409I have, since ever my mind remembers, been a massive fan of the Boss. His music is filled with stories of woe and day to day life. I can relate to much of the suffering he portrays through his lyrics and I knew from a young age he fought the good fight always. Vague memories of waiting with anticipation for my mother to put another record on so I could hear the thumping rock and hard voice hit me inside. I knew not what I liked so much but with older ears and a heavy heart I still have the wave of emotion hit me whenever I put a record of his on.

nc_trans_protest_160323.nbcnews-ux-1080-600Recently Bruce has down a wonderful turn for the trans community in light of the bizarre legislation North Carolina is trying to get through. The new bill will take away laws that protect trans peoples right to use the correct bathroom and to be honest it is all very silly and just stinks of conservative ignorance. I am so pleased that the Boss has stuck true to his morals and cancelled the gig. Although I sympathise with the ticket purchasers this issue is much bigger than a concert as Bruce himself has eluded to. One of the reasons the lawmakers are touting for a change in the law is to protect women from rape. On the face of it I agree, it is important to protect women from rape, but do they really believe that someone who is capable of such an act will care if they are allowed or not allowed in the ladies? It is ridiculous and just paints the entire trans community as perverts and rapists. What about the trans men who will have to now visit the ladies loos due to this new law. I do not think it has been thought out and I hope it gets repelled as quickly as it has been hashed together.

Bryan-Adams-YoungerIt has not stopped there either Bryan Adams has also cancelled a show due to new laws enabling religious groups to basically cast aside anyone they do not feel fits into their silly little worlds. I do worry about the USA and its shocking inability to get with modern times, time and time again throughout its history it is slow to accept those that are different or deemed as not equal by the powers that be. But at least these high profile entertainers are fighting back alongside some big corporations. PayPal’s decision to withdraw a new office from North Carolina in protest of its new laws is testament to everything the USA holds dear. Money is power.

The times are changing and sensible people and companies are starting to say no to the bigots and idiots that hold a lot of power. Nothing will stop a civil rights movement once it gets momentum and some big names behind it. As much as I may dislike Caitlyn Jenner at least she is bringing the spotlight onto the trans community like never before, we are finding our voices and will win this pointless battle. If Bruce, at the ripe old age of  66, can be as relevant today as he has always been then so can the stuffy blue suits of conservatism.


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